zondag 30 maart 2014

Multisound lands on Royal Ravers

9063152 300x300 Multisound lands on Royal Ravers

Last monday we had an epic release of the talented Multisound which has landed as a two weeks exclusive on Beatport. Multisound is known for his very diverse styles of music. With his previous release on the underground imprint Twisted Shuffle (Housepital) he know takes a full 180 degree turn with his latest single on Royal Ravers called: Basic Beat!

Basic Beat is all about that positive feeling you get at any given EDM festival. With Ultra Music Festival closing as we speak we expect that some majors have already road tested this new track by the gifted Multisound. The track is filled with a good drum loop, heavy weight basslines and proper synths that will get you in a hypnotic trance of EDM vibes! If you are looking for your own peak-time moment track: look no further because we have Multisound standing ready for you with his latest release on our youngest sub-label: Royal Ravers!
Remember at Housepital we are always looking for brand new music. With a new label like Royal Ravers (Housepital) we always tent to fill the catalogue for the upcoming months. If  you think you are the next Tiesto or Hardwell and you are able to make the hottest Electronic Dance Music of this moment in the genres: Electro and Progressive-House we are looking for you! You can send your demo tracks via e-mail and reach out to us with the following address: promos[at]housepital.nl (please re-write it since we don’t want the spam bots to copy our e-mail :-)). If this is to much trouble for you, come pay a visit to our Soundcloudpage and connect to us via our Soundcloud dropbox over: here!
Besides material for the brand new imprint Royal Ravers we also look for new tracks for our main imprint: Housepital Records and of course the deeper sister label Twisted Shuffle for the best underground tracks of this moment! Come on: what are you waiting for!!!

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