donderdag 17 april 2014

Robin Roovel smashes his new single on Royal Ravers

Robin Roovel makes his debute release on Royal Ravers with his latest electro smasher "Embrace"! We are so delighted that this talent is helping the new electro/EDM label of Housepital bringing it to the next level with one hell of a release! With his earlier release together with Housepital's Head Honcho Baramuda he makes a dive into the wild with more raving elements he used ever before in a mix.

This is pure energy, what alse did you expect? Robin Roovel stands for brand-new emotional and raving tracks. Everything slows down in the break making the whole tune very atmospheric, but as soon as the kickdrum joins the party we all know what is going to happen: MAYHEM! Robin Roovel did his upmost best to create the next summer hit anthem and we bet that this track will be widely played across the globe at any given moment, curious what this track is all about by Robin Roovel? Check out the preview bellow or go directly to Beatport to grab your copy of this two weeks exclusive! Download Here

donderdag 3 april 2014

Essential Ibiza Clubbing Classics Vol. 3

essential ibiza clubbing classics adsrThe Ibiza season is already about to kick off but not before we have enjoyed the Essential Ibiza Clubbing Classics with already volume 3 in the making! This compilation is filled with the best underground beach vibes of the present moment, including tracks from the likes of: Wander Sa, DJ Synchro, Cosmic Funk, Lucas Reyes, Cedrik Yule, Baramuda, Deex, Tony Guerra, Carlos Roll and many more packed in one hot 27 tracker bundle!

One of the tracks on Essential Ibiza Clubbing Classics that has been included in this wonderful compilation is "One Chance" by DJ Synchro. DJ Synchro is known for his very diverse style of music. With over 15 years of music experience we can tell you he is a purist and a true house legend! DJ Synchro's full mind set is pointed on the funky side of House with sometimes a side road to the Deep- and Tech-House genres. One of these steps has been made with One Chance. You can preview this track on our Soundcloud.
Besides this tune by DJ Synchro we have a lot more for you coming up on Essential Ibiza Clubbing Classics. The full tracklisting of Essential Ibiza Clubbing Classics Volume 3 is as following:
Cat#: ADSR037
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Essential Ibiza Clubbing Classics, Vol. 3
Label: ADSR Records
Barcode: 4025858927701
release: 18.04.2014
1 Wander Sa - History Repeats Itself {05:45}
2 Reza - Take Me Home (Tim Le Funk Remix) {07:11}
3 Cosmic Funk - I Defy (Niko De Luka & Lucas Reyes) {06:11}
4 Niko De Luka - I Am a Survivor (Kid Shakers Remix) {06:34}
5 Vuk Lukic - French Kiss (Danny Cruz Remix) {05:15}
6 Andy Gramm - Play Me {05:52}
7 Peter Brown - Let Me Go (Changing Planes Remix) {06:23}
8 DJ Synchro - What We Like {06:17}
9 Manu L & Paul Cart - Saudace do Bahia {07:02}
10 Cedrik Yule - Costa Rita {06:34}
11 Ittai Barkai - Hyoung Nim {07:20}
12 Gaulois - Living On the Music {07:36}
13 Bjoern Small - Minigolf (Dub) {06:20}
14 DJ Synchro - One Chance {06:52}
15 Baramuda & Deex - Pussy (DJ Synchro Remix) {07:10}
16 Baramuda & Deex - Veganist Treehugger {06:02}
17 Extrano - Late for Lovin' {06:39}
18 Kevin Call - The Sand {07:18}
19 Karlos Kastillo & DJ Larc - Latin Girl {04:36}
20 Stanny Abram - Belladonna {08:31}
21 Michael Deep - Good Times (Maxitronica Remix) {06:21}
22 Tony Guerra - Do You Like the Jazz {06:57}
23 Davide Piras - I Can't {07:00}
24 Matt Sanchez - I Believe {07:15}
25 Alexander Fog & Alberto Drago - Blue Velvet (Maxitronica Remix) {06:17}
26 Carlos Roll - Trio de Ases {07:14}
27 Maximus Bellini - Q219 {07:35}
Grab your copy now of Essential Ibiza Clubbing Classics: